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Project "SOLI.brücke"

Volunteering at Solicafe

The "SOLI.brücke" project is hosted by Solicafe in Salzburg. Our project primarily aims to support victims of injustice in our society. Among those affected are homeless people and especially poverty migrants who have come from Eastern European countries to beg, sell street newspapers or play music in the streets of Salzburg. Most of these people experience severe exclusion and discrimination in their home countries and do not have the opportunity to build a good life there. As a result, they see themselves forced to come to other countries such as Austria and try their luck here. Unfortunately, they also experience unpleasant things here, sleep under Salzburg's bridges, are attacked and expelled.

With Solibrücke, we help people by showing them the support structures that exist in Salzburg. We provide people in need with warm clothes in winter and act as a mouthpiece in the event of discrimination, assaults and expulsions as well as direct them to the right places. In addition, we establish a dialogue with people, on all sides, with those affected and also with the majority population in Salzburg. We create opportunities for encounters and break down prejudices. In the beginning of our project this was still possible indoors with cultural events. One evening for example we organized a movie night showing a film about the history of enslavement of Romani people in Romania (a historically impacting but very underrepresented topic).

Due to safety restrictions however we had to change many of our plans and events! We were forced to bring the party outside - on the street. We involved interested persons and organized events outside in which – for example - we cooked together with homeless people to literally provide warmth, good food, company, music and solidarity. On the 8th of April it was possible again to organize events. We supported a very successful celebration of the international Romani day which involved a podium and lots of live music.

Volunteer: Maximilian Leitich

Hosting organisation: Solicafe