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Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering in Salzburg

akzente Salzburg is the coordinating organisation in Salzburg and coordinates the application process, the administrational background and the arrival of the volunteers. akzente is responsible for the application work (together with the hosting organisations and the sending organisations) and will also take care of the final report, after the host organisations and the volunteers have evaluated it together.

The volunteers who are doing their ESC volunteering project in Salzburg are mainly together with up to twelve other volunteers from other European countries. This means there’s always somebody to talk and to spend some time with. They will also meet regularly at akzente for the so called ESC breakfast or at akzente freetime activities. 

The hosting organisation is responsible for the local transport. The volunteers who live in/close to the city of Salzburg will receive a bike or a bus ticket for the entire city of Salzburg. This means you can visit each other regularly or meet in the city. If you receive a bike or a bus ticket depends on your hosting organisation. Usually going by bike is much quicker and also more comfortable than going by bus. 

Most volunteers will live in a student home in the city of Salzburg, others at host families or shared flats. Here you can find some information about Salzburg: Link

The financial support in form of pocket money will be EUR 150 per month for the period of the volunteering project.

In some hosting organisations food is provided. For example, if you get food twice a day you receive 100€ food money a month. If you get food once a day you receive 165€ a month. In case that there is no meals provided by the hosting organisation you will receive 250€ food money per month.

ESC is a full time volunteering service. As an ESC volunteer you will work about 30 – 38 hours a week. Every week you will have two consecutive days off. You’ll get two days holiday per month which can be taken in accordance with the hosting organisation. Some organisations close during the Christmas and Easter holidays. In this case you need to take your holidays when the hosting organisation is closed.

Normally, the volunteers organize themselves the travel to Salzburg and back home. If you need help, your sending organisation can help you with the arrangement of the travel to Salzburg. If you wish, akzente can help you with the arrangement of the travel back home.

The participation in an ESC volunteering project is free of charge for volunteers, with the exception of a possible contribution for travel costs if the ESC grant does not fully cover these costs.
Food money and pocket money will be enough to cover your living expenses. If you want to travel around, go to concerts, to the cinema, and so on, we recommend you to bring some extra money, if your economical situation allows it.
It’s also important to know that you might need to pay some things in advance and get the money for it back later. For example, if you need to travel to Vienna (or another city) for your on-arrival- and mid-term training, you need to pay the tickets on your own in advance. After the training you hand in the tickets and get the money back.

akzente or your hosting organisation provides you with the most necessary things for living such as a pillow, blanket and bed clothes. You will also get a kitchen box with a pan, a pot, glasses and cups, plates and cutlery. We do not provide towels, hair dryers or irons.

It’s important that you only apply for projects that you are really interested in. Please read the descriptions carefully! You’ll spend 30 - 38 hours there every week so it’s important that you are really motivated and interested in the work of the hosting organisation!