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Hier findest du Projekte, die zurzeit bei unseren Projektpartnern zur Verfügung stehen.
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BELGIUM - Volunteer by Service Volontaire International (SVI)

Organization: Service Volontaire International (SVI)
Project description: The Organisation SVI has several ESC open projects, in different fields (social work, education, sustainability) and contexts. Available are both short-term and long-term projects
Note: for some projects a basic knowledge of french is required
Contact details: incoming@servicevolontaire.org 
Period: different

DENMARK - variety of volunteer projects 2022-2023

Organization: Danks ICYE
Projects: In order to get more insights on the specific projects of interest, it is possible to click on the project itself on the website to unfold further details and/or practicalities. Each project has its own duration, though they are mainly long-term ESC projects. 
Deadline: fixed - 1st of April 2022
Contact details:  esc@icye.dk
Period: 2022 - 2023

FRANCE - Volunteer in community of adults with learning disabilities

Organization: L'Arche in Grenoble
Project description: The aim of the mission is taking care and developing skills of people with learning disabilities. The volunteer will be part of a team of 3 people who organize daily activities in one of the 4 homes of L'Arche in Grenoble. The activities are diverse, eg: day or half-day hikes, sports, crafts, relaxation, cooking, creative workshops, games, theater, musical comedy…
Contact details: volontaires@arche-grenoble.org
Period:  September 2022 - May 2023

FRANCE - Multiple opportunities by Maison de l'Europe Le Mans-Sarthe

Organization: Maison de l'Europe Le Mans-Sarthe
Projects description: Would you like to work with young people? Are you willing to discover the city of Le Mans and its surroundings? Are you curious to discover education in France? Living in an European flat with 5 others volunteers or with locals? One of these 11 missions are for you! Come and participate in the intercultural awareness of youth in the Sarthe! Fill out an application online.
Contact details: contact@europe-en-sarthe.eu
Period: 24/08/2022 - July 2023

GERMANY - Volunteer in the field of youth pedagogy and the multigenerational house approach

Organization: Roter Baum Berlin UG - Buntes Haus
Project description: The volunteer will support the work of the pedagogic staff, projects and also public events in the Multigenerational Family Centre “Buntes Haus”, a project placed in the heart of Hellersdorf, one of the neighbourhoods with most cultural diversity and social difficulties in Berlin.
Note: The new official call for volunteers will be published in August! Knowledge of german is important.
Contact details: evs@roter-baum-berlin.de
Period: November 2022 - November 2023

GREAT BRITAIN - Last chance to volunteer!

Brexit information:
On 1.st January 2021 the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU). The british government decided, despite of a negotiation on the future relations between UK and EU, to no longer take part in the european mobility and educational programs Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. 
That means, that from 2021 Projects with UK as partner will no longer be possible. In any case, all the voluntary projects approved within the programm period 2014 – 2020 until 31.12.2020, can take place as planned.  From 31.12.2020, however, new conditions for travelling in the UK become effective. People entering in the UK in the frame of the Voluntary Service need a Visa. The UK National Agency doesn´t answer any requests from participants or from people taken individually. Please adress questions to us. 
For more informations please read the article about BREXIT-Update 01/2021.

Due to the circumstances regarding the covid-19 pandemic some projects were postponed and are still available to sign up for. See below:

Organization: Leonard Cheshire, a leading global pan-disability charity
Project title: Solidarity opens Doors 2022
Project description:Volunteers will collaborate with care homes providing leisure activities to disabled customers, and will support many local programmes, putting their passions to use while developing new skills and expanding their knowledge of disability, inclusivity, and the care sector.
Note: Deadline for applying is: 19.09.2021
Contact details:  Annamaria.papini@leonardcheshire.org
Period: 01.01.2022-31.01.2023

ITALY - Engage, connect, empower!

Organization: Il Tetto Casal Fattoria
Project description: Volunteer in a community of minors and young adults, who are under the social services’ care because of different kind of problems in their families. Create bonds, accompany and support, everyday, the minors’ growth and to reach the educational objectives set for each of them.
Contact details: iltetto@iltetto.org
Period: 12 months

ITALY - Volunteer long-term in Palermo

Organization: CESIE
Project description:  Support the design and implementation of non-formal educational activities on different topics (such as ITC skills, citizenship, sport, arts, culture, young entrepreneurship, human rights etc) addressed to young people by CESIE and support daily activities of local associations providing services for kids and disable people.
Contact details:  sve@cesie.org
Period: 8 months (from end of February 2022)

ITALY - Volunteer short-term in Palermo

Organization: CESIE
Project description:  Support daily activities of local association providing primary services to people in need and homeless and participation in non-formal educational activities on different topics (such as ITC skills, citizenship, sport, arts, culture, young entrepreneurship, human rights etc) promoted by CESIE.
Contact details:  sve@cesie.org
Period: 59 days (from end of February 2022)

NETHERLANDS - A unique oppportunity

Organization: Brabant Next
Project description: You will do research (internationally) and execute ideas for environmental topics such as sustainable energy, mobility, sustainable cities, a circular economy, climate action.
Contact details:  hilda.ijsiq@gmail.com
Period: March - December 2022

POLAND - Volunteer with children

Organization:Foundation of Social Integration Prom
Project description:Volunteers will work in public kindergartens or private primary school in teacher's assistant position with various task supporting the children and youngsters.
Application questionare
Contact details:  evs@fundacjaprom.pl
Period: 1st September 2022 - 30th June 2023 (10 months)
Application deadline: 14th of May 2022. However, the deadline may be prolonged.

ROMANIA - Volunteer in the field of mental health

Organization: CreativePlus NGO
Project description: The purpose of the project is to build an awareness campaign about the real implications of mental health problems on preadolescents and adolescents and to stimulate the coping skills to address healthy social behaviors, including encouraging responsible and critical social media consumption.
Contact details: office@creative-plus.ro
Period: 01/04/2022* – 15/11/2022 

*The starting date is flexible, accordind to the Covid19 pandemic situation on European level. The volunteer will spend 8 months starting the moment of his/her arrival

SPAIN - Volunteering at Burgos Autism Association

Organization: Burgos Autism Association (coordinated by akzente Salzburg)
Project description:Supporting autistic people. More details under the following links.
Project Title: 
Volunteering in Flat Service in Autismo Burgos
Volunteering in Day Centre and Flat Service in Autismo Burgos
Contact details:  elrower@msn.com
Period: 01.06.2022 to 31.01.2023