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Application for EYCA Excellence Awards 2019

Up to 5  youth cards unified in one app – including co-brands with public transport, EYCA and student IDs. 

After 3 years of development, the Salzburg youth card (S-Pass. Die Salzburger Jugendkarte) published a new app. 

Supply and demand

Digital public transport cards for students in the S-Pass app are highly requested amongst youngsters between 12 and 26 years, reaching activation levels up to 24.000 digital cards per year (48 % of target group). Adding "functionality" to the app to keep former cardholders using the app proved to be true: the current number of app-downloads (65.000) shows that the key areas (news, digital vouchers, prize-games & event schedule) are interesting enough to keep users in the app - even without discounts, for which a membership is required. 

Digital student IDs

With the edu.card the state of Salzburg now has a standardised student ID for all Salzburg pupils which can easily be ordered online. Besides being able to identify as a student of a Salzburg school, the edu.card also serves as a legally recognised proof of age and cardholders profit from more than 350 youth card discounts.

In collaboration with the national ministry of Education, Science and Research the local youth card team has developed a direct api to the national student administration database. This feature contributes to the ministry's plans of creating nationwide common carddesign and is also intended to form the basis for new (online-) discounts on educational demands.

Multi-card app launch in autumn 2018

Hand in hand with the digital student ID (edu.card), a new youthcard app was developed. Both the brand-new app and the edu.card were presented to the public in a press conference in autumn of 2018. The improvement of the app involved a selection of up to 5 different cards in the app. All cards contain security features ensuring validity and authenticity. In case of police checks or ticket controls, card holders can prove their identity at any time. 

Compliance with GDPR

The interface to the national student administration database was established strictly according to the latest GDPR standards. Along with this final project step, digital EYCA youthcards - permanent correspondence to EYCA cd guidelines ensured by digital app administration - have been implemented in the S-Pass app. Therefore an api to the EYCA ccdb - close cooperation with "bubble IT-service" in Bratislava - has been realised, delivering unique ccdb numbers for each virtual EYCA card. 

European Youth Cards

Digital EYCA cards are automatically shown in the app as soon as a classic youth card (S-Pass), cobrand card with public transport (s'COOL CARD) or a student ID (edu.card) gets activated. 

In-app taxi/cab vouchers for individual mobility needs

As public transport can never fully satisfy all needs at all time, the Youth Card Team developed digital taxi vouchers implemented in the S-Pass app. Participating taxis are equipped with individualised QR badges which can be scanned by S-Pass app users. The value of the voucher will then be deducted from the total amount.