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Offene Stellen im ESK Freiwilligendienst

akzente Salzburg ist Projektpartner bei verschiedenen ESK Freiwilligenprojekten in Europa. Diese offenen Projekte stehen dir zurzeit zur Verfügung:


Country: BELGIUM
Organization that coordinates:
Project description
Contact details: 
Period: starting 31.12.2020


Country: FRANCE
Organization that coordinates: 
Pistes solidaires
Project description: Pistes solidaires has a number of calls for volunteers over the coming months: European Education, International Relations Office, Cultural Service, Youth information and sports, Childcare center, Animation in High school, Support to elderly and disabled, Animation in a children´s home.
Note: These calls are still open:
-"Cultural service"(Université de Pau)
-"Animation in a children´s home"(Anglet)
Contact details: hosting.pistes@gmail.com
Period: starting 09.2020, 10 to 12 months


Organization that coordinates: House of Europe
Project description: House of Europe has a call to educate children, young people and adults on environment and sustainable development.
Contact details:evs@europe-en-sarthe.eu 
Period: 04.01.2021-03.01.2022, 12 months


We ask you to read the article about Brexit.
Organization that coordinates: Volunteering Matters 
Project description: Volunteering Matters has a number of calls for volunteers over the coming months on Strategic EVS.
Note: Any interest should compete an application. Please send your application to esc@volunteeringmatters.org.uk
Contact details: heather.candelent@volunteeringmatters.org.uk
Coronavirus and volunteering in the UK
Volunteering Matters have carefully considered which placements can continue to host volunteers during this global crisis.  As the English and Scottish lockdown continues to ease, and the projects are able to adapt their roles for volunteers to include more digital and remote volunteering, we are able to open the vacancies to new applicants. Each volunteer placement is risk assessed carefully and new measures have been put in place to protect volunteers and the people they are supporting, whilst being able to gain a positive and valuable volunteering experience. Volunteering Matters will ensure that incoming volunteers are able to self-isolate for 14 days, in accordance with the current English Government guidance.  Volunteering Matters will comply with this request for volunteers travelling to Scotland also.


Country: ITALY
Organization that coordinates: Associzione InCo
Project description: Associzione InCo has a number of calls for volunteers in Northern Italy over the coming months: Missions in primary schools, children´s recreation centers, retirement homes, drug addict communities, plurilingual schools and much more.
Note: These calls are still open:
-"Volunteer in the field of social care for elderly und disabled people (4 placements)
-"Volunteer in the field of solidarity toward people suffering from addiction" (1 placement)
-"Volunteer in the field of social and recreational activities for young people" (1 placement)
-"Volunteer in the field of education in a pluriliongual school" (1 placement)
-"Volunteering in a youth centre implementing activities for young people" (1 placement)                                                                                   
Contact details: info@incoweb.org
Period: starting Autumn 2020, 12 months


Country: POLAND
Organization that coordinates:
The Foundation of Social Integration Prom
Project title: Proud volunteers for solidarity
Project description
Find here how to proceed the application and the questionnaire
Contact details: evs@fundacjaprom.pl
Period: 01.11.2020-30.06.2021, 9 months


Organization that coordinates: akzente Salzburg
Project Title: Volunteering at Burgos Autism Association
Project description
Contact details:
Period: 01.09.2020-31.05.2021, 8 months

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