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Volunteering at FS1 community TV

Marias´s experience report

In September 2015 I finished working in the last job I had in my hometown. In that moment, and knowing the work situation in Spain, I thought it would be a good moment to go abroad again. I knew about the EVS program from some friends that already did it before and after checking some projects in Germany, Italy and Austria, I couldn’t have finished in a better one than the one I got. In Christmas, like a present, I received the called from Silvia Leitner, who later was one of the biggest supports during the whole year, saying that the project was approved and I got the chance to move to Salzburg, a place where I deeply wanted to live in. So, 2016 started with me travelling to Salzburg. 

I started working in February in FS1 – Community TV Salzburg, and I couldn’t enjoy it more. During this project I had the chance of working in a TV and learn thousands of things. Even though I studied journalism I can assure that this project gave me more knowledge about this field than any year in the university. My main task during this project was the coordination of the music redaction. I was responsible of contacting the places where we were recording the concerts, contact the bands which were playing, editing this videos after recording and once they were in the weekly program, share them.  During the year I realized different roles: camera, producer, coordinator, editor… and I enjoyed and learnt from all of them. 

In general I loved my project and the work I did there, but I think the best part of my year as an EVS was the people I met in the way. From the very first moment I liked a lot the people I was working with. They made me feel welcome and part of the team all the time. Being patient with me, explaining everything I needed to know, meeting not only at work but also after it… I am really thankful to all of them for all the time they shared with me and I am really happy right now to have the chance to stay in Salzburg longer, and somehow continue collaborating with them.  

Sharing the year and the experience with other volunteers, even though we were in different projects, was also a big support. Having people to share your worries with, or just to receive a hug when you feel not that good or you miss home… Feeling you can count on someone even when you’re far from home, out from your comfortable zone, in a new place, with new people, other languages… is something really important and that help you to really enjoy the experience. 

Also knowing other cultures, points of view based in different backgrounds, having conversation where exchanging very different opinions and respect all of them is an amazing part of this experience. I think this kind of situation when suddenly you share your day by day with so many different people, let you learn from others’ experiences, share yours and for sure helps you to be open-minded with a lot of topics and realities that before you maybe even didn’t about. In my opinion, this is one reason for what I would recommend everyone to take part on an EVS project or an international experience 

I don’t think I am someone who should give any advice to anyone, but if I would have to say anything to new volunteers, I would just say: say yes to new experiences and adventures, share your time and give all from you to make the experience amazing. The time will go really fast and suddenly it is finished, so simply, enjoy every moment. Make them count