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SLOVAKIA - Various long term volunteering projects

Coordinating organization: BDC (Bratislava volunteering centre)

Project: Build-up an Inclusive Society
Organization: Center Rafael
Project description: Volunteering in a cetnre for young people, with special needs who suffer from different disabilities. Specifically, a volunteer will assist clients during therapies (Ergotherapy, Musictherapy, Artetherapy), support development of their individual skills, their independence and social integration - arrange leisure time activities and events, being open to communicate about different topics, help with dining, and basic hygiene.

Project: Grow with a Little Mole
Organization: Center Rafael
Project description: The participant will volunteer for the kindergarten called RC KRTKO. A volunteer will work directly with kids in the kindergarten, involve in the mentioned agenda topics, organize various activities and games, support English language learning of children and staff, bring new creative ideas, and if interested, they can help with event management and administrative work in the office.

Project: Low-threshold is looking for you
Organization: Mládež ulice (The youth of the street)
Project description:  A volunteer will prepare and implement various free time activities for children and youth from socially disadvantaged environments. They will engage in managing small events, helping with daily running of the center and doing streetwork in the neighborhood called Rača in Bratislava. 

For all three projects
Contact details: bdc@dobrovolnictvoba.sk
Period: 20/09/2022 to 20/09/2023
Application deadline: 15.08.2022